BelleTech International Limited

For twenty years BelleTech International have been sourcing and supplying innovative food ingredients and providing expert advice to the NZ food industry.

In December, 2017 GS Hall & Company Ltd purchased BelleTech International Limited. The aquisition provides existing BelleTech customers access to all GS Hall support and technical services and provides an extension of premium products to existing GS Hall customers.

Former BelleTech Managing Director Sally Ostick has joined the GS Hall team as Product Specialist and will continue to provide exceptional product solutions and support to customers. 

BelleTech's premium brands include FiberStar Inc and Ballantyne Foods Pty Ltd.


fiberstar inc

Fiberstar, Inc. is a privately held innovative biotechnology Company based in the USA focused on enhancing food performance by manufacturing and marketing value-added food ingredients.

Citri-Fi is an all-natural highly functional fibre produced sustainably from citrus pulp, rag, core and peel. Citri-Fi is GRAS, non-allergenic, neutral in taste and odour and non-GMO.  This functional fibre line benefits meat, dairy, bakery, gluten-free, sauce, condiments, frozen food, beverage and health & wellness food products through textural improvements, nutritional enhancements and/or cost savings. 

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ballantyne foods pty ltd

Ballantyne Food Pty Ltd manufactures a wide range of high quality cheese and dairy powders, in a variety of flavour profiles, including Cheddar, Cream Cheese, Parmesan, Romano and Blue.
These powders provide a superior building block to promote flavour profiles in bakery products, snack foods, convenience meals, sauces and dressings.
Ballantyne also manufacture convenient and cost effective concentrated cheese pastes which allow you to achieve the same cheese flavour profile and intensity at a lower usage rate.

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Superfood Ingredients  has a vision to offer good nutrition from natural sources in its range of superfood ingredients, to be used by manufacturers in the food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries across the globe. SFI aims to provide these naturally nutritious ingredients to its customers in a wide range of derivative formats, aiming to tailor these ingredients where possible to the customer’s needs.

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Neptune bio-innovations (NBI)

Neptune Bio-Innovations (NBI) is a Research and Development company who manufacture ingredients for the health and well- being sector. 

Fat Reduction:
NepTrim is a “versatile” fat replacement system designed to partially replace fat and calories in food products, particularly baked goods. The product provides excellent structuring properties while maintaining taste, texture, appearance and overall finished product acceptability.  The product is suitable for baked goods as a replacement for butter, margarine or shortenings.  It reduces calories, saturated fat levels and increases fibre content.

Sugar Replacement:
NBI offer a plant-derived sweetener, called Sweetin, containing stevia and thaumatin.   One kilogram of thaumatin has the sweetening strength of 2 to 10 metric tonnes of sucrose, but without the same amount of calories. Sweetin has a cleaner, sweeter taste with no aftertaste or lingering sweetness. Sweetin can be used in the manufacture of beverages, confectionery, frozen desserts, sauces and gravies, as well as pharmaceuticals and vitamin supplements. 

Salt Reduction:
Lo-Sal 50™ is a family of products designed to act as Reduced Sodium Salt Mixtures. They all share in common their natural origin (sea salt) and their excellent taste, free of the bitter notes commonly found in products containing potassium chloride.
Lo-Sal 50™ provides up to 57% reduction of sodium in food with the great taste of salt. And has greater salt-like intensity compared to regular salt. Hence, it makes it  possible to enjoy a clean-salt flavour while consuming lower levels of sodium.

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