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Our broad range of food ingredients include herbs, spices, seeds, dehydrated vegetables, mustard, speciality blends and seasonings, oleoresins, essential oils, flavours, colours, functional fibre products, cheese products and other functional ingredients. Our products include the range of BelleTech International products. 

GS Hall's focus is to provide the industry with a reliable source of premium products that meet customer requirements.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss customer requirements to identify and supply products fit for application.

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synergy flavours

GS Hall supply the complete range of Synergy flavours, extracts and proprietary dairy flavour solutions.

Synergy's products include liquid and spray-dried sweet and savoury flavours, dairy optimisation solutions, true-to-nature extracts and essences including herbal, botanical, fruit, vegetable, coffee, tea and vanilla.

Headquartered in Ireland with laboratories and manufacturing facilities throughout the world, Synergy are a truly global company with cross-category flavour expertise and insights including Bakery, Savoury, Beverage, Nutrition, Dairy and Confectionery.

Whether your goal is product improvement, flavour enhancement, a clean label declaration or recipe stabilisation, Synergy's flavour solutions create unique, differentiating tastes that will set your products apart.  

synergy yeast extracts

GS Hall supply Synergy flavours yeast extracts including:

YED001-201  SAPARESSE YEAST EXTRACT: A high nucleotide and glutamate (I&G)  yeast extract, extremely enhancing can be used as an MSG/salt replacer as well as a general meaty flavour enhancer.

100% natural, vegetarian, gluten free and low naturally occurring salt.  High savoury / umami properties can be used at low levels across a variety of applications from soups/sauces/snack seasonings.

 YED501-182  SAPARESSE YEAST EXTRACT: Savoury roasted dark style flavour.

 SEN-90029  YEAST EXTRACT: General robust savoury profile.  Gluten free.

 SEN-90030  YEAST EXTRACT: Yeast with full savoury umami profile.  Gluten free.

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herbs & spices, seeds, mustard

We offer a complete range of micro-controlled herbs, spices, seeds and mustard products.

These products are sourced from approved processors located throughout India, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Canada and the USA.

All products are certified and meet predetermined specifications. GS Hall can provide comprehensive product information for each item including Certificates of Conformance or Certificates of Analysis.

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dehydrated vegetables

Our range of dehydrated vegetables includes beetroot, bell peppers, cabbage, carrot, chives, garlic, onion, jalapeno, leek, lemongrass, mushroom, parsley, spinach and tomato.

Our products are sourced from Europe, USA and China and are available in a variety of fractions and microbiological specifications.

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functional Fibre Products

We offer the full range of Fiberstar Inc's clean label Citri-fi fibre products.

Citri-Fi, a natural clean label citrus fibre enhances food texture by managing moisture and may provide potential cost savings in various food applications.

cheese / dairy powder & Pastes

We offer the range of Ballantyne Foods Pty Ltd cheese powder products.

Ballantyne manufactures a wide range of high quality cheese powders, in a variety of flavour profiles including Cheddar, Cream Cheese, Parmesan, Romano and Blue.

These cheese powders provide a superior building block to promote flavour profiles in bakery products, snack foods, convenience meals, sauces and dressings.

GS Hall can also offer Ballantyne's convenient and cost effective concentrated cheese pastes to achieve the same cheese flavour profile and intensity at a lower usage rate.

superfood ingredients

We offer the full range of Superfood Ingredient's natural superfood products.

Superfood Ingredients offer an extensive range of products which provide superior nutrition in a natural form, with products selected with a focus on key criteria which includes good nutrition, good functionality and sustainable sourcing. These ingredients are suitable for food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical applications.

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We stock and supply Roha Colours, offering natural and synthetic products for food and pharmaceutical applications.

Our range provides a large selection of solutions to meet varying customer requirements. 

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blends & seasonings

GS Hall manufacture a significant range of spice blends and seasonings. All products are manufactured at our purpose-built facility in Auckland. 

Products undergo organoleptic and microbiological analysis prior to approval and supply to the market. 

GS Hall specialises in the manufacture and supply of micro-controlled and allergen-free blends. 

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oils & oleoresins

GS Hall supply a range of oleoresins and essential oils.

These are globally sourced and supplied based on individual customer requirements.

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pastes & Purees

GS Hall offer a select range of vegetable pastes and purees. These are sourced to meet individual customer requirements.