Responsible sourcing

GS Hall's Responsible Sourcing policy is at the core of the Company's procurement philosophy. We are committed to conducting all business activities in a professional and ethical manner. We seek to establish and develop working relationships with Business Partners who demonstrate the same principles and share GS Hall's values and standards.

All suppliers must be able to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring their products are grown, processed and supplied ethically and sustainably.

In particular, GS Hall requires Business Partners to:

  • Ensure products supplied comply with NZ requirements and legislation.

  • Ensure products supplied are grown sustainably.

  • Comply with the laws and regulations as set down by the jurisdiction for which their business operates.

  • Compete fairly without receiving / paying bribes in order to achieve business objectives or to disadvantage other market participants.

  • Ensure their work is undertaken without forced or child labour.

  • Ensure workers' pay and working conditions comply with applicable legislation within their jurisdiction.

  • Provide safe and healthy work places for their employees.

  • Respect employees' right to the freedom of association and expression.

Where GS Hall becomes aware of a Business Partner participating in activities which are inconsistent with these requirements, the commercial relationship will be immediately concluded.

Company representatives travel to all countries and growing regions from where products are sourced to meet suppliers and view first-hand, the methods and means by which their products are produced.