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About Us

GS Hall & Company supply flavour-based food ingredients to food manufacturers in New Zealand and the Asia / Pacific region (APAC).

We focus on assisting our customers to grow and be successful by providing each of them globally sourced products, development expertise, innovation, technical services and account management support to achieve their objectives.

Travelling extensively to international growing regions and processing facilities, GS Hall personnel oversee the selection of products and the management of the Company's global network of approved suppliers. GS Hall ensure continuity of supply regardless of seasonal factors or political influences.

GS Hall continuously invest in research, development, quality and manufacturing technologies to provide an evolving range of services and safe, consistent products. All activities of the Company are controlled by our certified BRC Global Standard for Food Safety programme.

Backed by decades of experience and industry knowledge, our greatest strength is the skilled and dedicated team at GS Hall.

Existing and potential customers are welcome to visit our Auckland facility at any time to observe our operations, meet the team and learn about how GS Hall can add value to their business. 

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condiments - Sweet - Savoury - bakery - dairy - snack foods - confectionery - meat processing - beverage - food service - Pharmaceutical

Our History

A merchant by trade, Gerald Hall established the company in 1962 near the Auckland docks importing herbs and spices from around the world for commercial use in New Zealand.

For more than 50 years the Company has continued to be at the forefront of supplying ingredients to the food industry meeting the requirements of customers as flavours and taste trends continue to develop and change. 

Over more recent years our range has significantly expanded to include flavours, colours and functional ingredients. We consistantly work to further broaden our portfolio to assist customers with natural, clean label and allergen free products.

GS Hall remains 100% New Zealand owned with John Hall now managing the Company alongside 35 dedicated staff.